End of breeding season, sent your not in foal statement before 1 October

Did your mare unfortunately not get in foal this year? Then don't forget to hand in your statement from the vet before 1 October.

You can send the statement to:
  • If you have not yet supplied the correct mare data, please make this up a.s.a.p., please by e-mail. It concerns: Mare's name, studbook, studbook number, chip number, date of birth, sire and dam's sire name, colour
  • If you would like to receive the invoice by e-mail, please send an e-mail to info@vdlstud.com;
  • If you wish to register with a studbook other than KWPN, please also inform us in time.
Before 1 October 2023, mare owners have to provide VDL Stud with a signed overview of the number of flushes and the number of successful embryos / ICSIs per mare, drawn up by the veterinarian or the ET centre. In case of no statement, VDL Stud may charge a fine in addition to the stud fee.
If the transplantation of the embryo / ICSI has not been successful, this overview will count as a not in foal statement (if mentioned).

We would like to thank all breeders, owners and fellow stallion stations with whom we have worked over the past season for the trust.

We hope for healthy and beautiful foals in 2024 and will be very happy to be at your service again next breeding season!

Harley VDL

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