Dealers and distribution

Worldwide VDL Stud has several  dealers active who can be at your service with the following:

  • Export of fresh semen (only in Europe)
    In almost all of the European countries VDL Stud can deliver fresh semen within 48 hours. Orders can be made  through your local dealer.
  • Export of frozen semen (worldwide)
    VDL Stud is fully licensed to export frozen semen all over the world. Frozen semen of our stallions is  stored in several countries by our dealers.  Please contact your nearby agent for availibility of frozen semen of VDL Stallions.
  • Purchase of a horse
    Through our local dealers we can offer you horses for sale. VDL Stud sells horses for sport (at all levels)  and breeding, for dressage and showjumping.
  • Lease of  stallions
    Worldwide the VDL Stud leases stallion for breeding, for showjumping or dressage. Please inform by your local agent if you are interested in leasing a stalllion.

If you are interested in one of above activities and  there is no local VDL dealer nearby then please feel free to contact us directly.


Find your dealer in the worldmap below:

Agents :

Click at the icon for the contact details of each agent.

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